International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology, Regensburg 2014

The international meeting presents the current state of research in the rapidly developing field of Cell Biology, a fundamental discipline for all life sciences. The format and programme of the meeting provides an international platform for presentation and discussion of the most recent and exciting achievements in cell biology. We strongly support young scientists by short talks, poster sessions and educational events such as a special session on publishing and funding.

The Meeting 2014 in Regensburg has an emphasis on combining the two evolutionary separated metazon kingdoms, the animal and plant cell biology.

The "Annual Meeting of the German Society for Matrix Biology (DGMB)" will be held in Regensburg in parallel with the "International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ)". We have scheduled a combined session on "cell adhesion and signalling" for Thursday March 20th, and a party together in the evening. The meetings are partially overlapping in time (International Meeting (DGZ), Tuesday - Friday; Annual Meeting (DGMB), Thursday - Saturday) and we offer the possibility of a double registration.

In the name of the organizing committee (Eugen Kerkhoff, Thomas Dresselhaus and Stefanie Sprunck) I am happy to welcome you to join the exciting cell biology meeting in the historic city of Regensburg.

Eugen Kerkhoff